I write music for audiovisual media. My works include soundtracks for short films, documentaries and videogames, music for advertising and commercials, corporate music, music for TV shows, etc.

My musical works are characterized by its stylistic variety, its versatility, and by a quick adaptation to the needs of the client. My work is distinguished by responsibility, proactivity and total involvement in the projects, in addition to a constant analysis and assimilation of the latest musical trends in TV, film, series and videogames.

stuff i do

Film Scoring

Music composition for feature films, short films, documentaries, etc.

TV Scoring

Main title music , musical backgrounds, bumpers, curtains, etc.

Videogame Scoring

Musical composition in a wide variety of styles, adaptive music, stingers, tags, etc.

Music for commercials

Original music for advertising and corporate videos.

Audio Postproduction

Audio mixing for broadcast, films, tv, online content and music mixing.

Audio Middleware

Music and audio implementation in videogames, using Fmod or Wwise.